How To: Belly dance basic beginner moves

Belly dance basic beginner moves

How to Belly Dance!

Okay, so you can shimmy and you can shake, but you ain't seen nothin' until you've seen a skilled belly dancer strut her stuff. Here are a couple of basic belly-dancing moves to awaken your inner Shakira…

You will need:
some space - a chunk about six feet in diameter should do it
a large mirror
privacy - so you'll feel comfortable letting go
an outfit that bares your belly and hips
a few scarves or a shawl to drape around your hips
belly-dancing music
bells or coins sewn onto clothes to make a sultry jingle

Pay attention to learn a few basic belly dancing moves.


I thought the instructions were great!

I thought the instructions were great as well. Unlike some videos where there is little information and goes WAY too fast to catch anything. This video concentrates more on information and time to absorb it instead of speed. I give an A + Oh yeah, and that chick is hot. Awesome outfit too!

This some great instruction. So many people see belly dancing and even hip hop dancing as purely sexual, but there is so much more to it. It really is an art.

I'm so excited to learn more.

Like the hip circles and undulations and such? It's sooo hard! I don't know what to do. It's like when I get going with the shimmy and I try to add another move to it, I lose the shimmy because I just can't seem to do two moves together or at once.

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