How To: Do basic floorwork in belly dancing

Do basic floorwork in belly dancing

In this tutorial, we learn how to do basic floor work in belly dancing. you will want to move your body like you are in waves until you reach the floor and are sitting down. Move slowly and feel your entire body. You can also jump down and put your arms over your head, then end up with your legs crossed on the floor. Next, drop your arms to the side of your body and then move your hair around to rotate. Do a figure eight on the floor, moving your bottom, thighs, and hips. The key with this is to feel your body and get in touch will all of your movements!

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Hi, I am just starting to do floor work in my belly dancing. I have no trouble bending but my ankles! My back can bend but I do not know how to position my feet so that my ankles do not feel so much pain. ANY ADVICE? Thanks

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