How To: Isolate the belly muscles when belly dancing

Isolate the belly muscles when belly dancing

Why throw away tons of money on lessons at a studio when you can find free online video lessons! In this video, learn about the dance of the belly movements, also known as belly rolls, and how to isolate the abdominal region while the rest of the body remains in perfect posture. Practice isolating the belly muscles with help from an expert: Sahira began her career as a Middle Eastern dancer in Houston, Texas under the direction of Thalia and Shakira Masood-Ali. Get advice & more belly dancing lessons by searching Wonder How To!

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I have a quick question. I have been belly dancing for just under 2 years and there's only one move that I simply cannot get. The lower abs isolation. I've watched many videos on how to do it and have practice to move countless times. I'm wondering and hoping that it isn't because I've had c-section, I do lower ab specific exercises to try to strengthen it but Its still not connecting I can feel the muscles contracting like there suppose to but I can't seem to contract my lower ones without completely contracting my upper abs, oddly enough I can do undulations and reverse undulations just fine even though that requires a lower ab isolation but I can't just isolate the lower Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you so much for your time

  1. If you rotate your pelvis (interior tilt upwards) and engage your core (by bearing down slightly on the abs)
  1. then pulling those lower abs UP (for 2)
  1. Hold for 2...
  1. Release & repeat - multiple times

You may not feel like you are working them much in the beginning - but you ARE! And won't e very long before you are seeing and amazing difference not only in your muscle control - but in body shape and more.

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