How To: Do a chest circle in belly dance

Do a chest circle in belly dance

Check out this dance tutorial video that demonstrates how to do a chest circle in belly dance. The chest circle of belly dancing is an important move to study. Learn to belly dance for fitness or art in this belly dancing video.

Take action and remember these tips:
-Begin in basic belly dance position
-Bring chest forward
-Slide chest to side
-Contract back
-Link all together & smooth out

Instructor Nadia Moussa has been belly-dancing for fifteen years. She began dancing ballet and modern dance at a young age, but after discovering belly-dancing Nadia quickly fell in love with this eclectic art form. She currently teaches at Lotus Music and Dance in New York City. Learn how to do a chest circle in belly dance with this instructional dance video!

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nadia moussa is an out standing dancer... mmuaahhhhhhh.

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