How To: Do the hip slide belly dance move

Do the hip slide belly dance move

Amira Nagi of Samadhi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance teaching the hip slide. Belly dance is originally a form of traditional Arab dance. Most of the techniques of belly dance demonstrate circular motions in the core area of the body (the belly, the hips). Belly dancing is a fun, sensual dance that also builds & strengthens abdominal muscles. In this belly dancing lesson, learn the hip slide move. Follow along with this belly dance tutorial to master this move. Hips slide right and left on a horizontal plane. You may have to push your hip down to keep it level as you extend out. Your natural tendency will be for your hip to go up.

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I'm been, trying to learn how to belly dance,I love there culture behind it to.I love and respect it.but I have no clue about learning how to belly dance and learning the basic

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