Hot Belly Dancing How-Tos

How To: Do the circle step combo belly dance move

Belly dance is originally a form of traditional Arab dance. Most of the techniques of belly dance demonstrate circular motions in the core area of the body (the belly, the hips). Belly dancing is a fun, sensual dance that also builds & strengthens abdominal muscles. In this belly dancing lesson, learn the circle step combo move. Follow along with this belly dance tutorial to master this move.

How To: Belly dance with Jillina and her Sahlala dancers

Get out of your seats and learn how to move your body like a belly dancer! Today on Mahalo Daily, Leah D'Emilio meets up with world-renowned belly dancer Jillina to learn about the history and art of belly dancing and how to do a few key moves. You don't want to miss this! Come on--try a few of the moves yourself! So check out this instructional belly dancing video that shows you how to dance a few moves, including the hip drop and a chest lift. Improve your belly dancing moves by watching ou...

How To: Learn belly dancing moves

Middle Eastern belly dancing is a beautiful form of traditional Middle Eastern dancing that incorporates a lot of hip movements and graceful dance steps. Learn how to do Middle Eastern belly dancing with tips from a professional dancer in this free dance lesson video series.

How To: Do camel undulation

Meital demonstrates how to do camel undulation for belly dancing. You have to push your chest forward, up, down, and back. Then, you connect the four points. The camel undulation can be combined with other belly dancing moves to create a truly spectacular performance.

How To: Twist your hips

Meital demonstrates how to twist your hips for belly dancing. In order to twist, you need to move your hips side to side at an increasing pace. Once you master the basic twist you can try more difficult twist moves, such as the pivot twist.

How To: Belly dance & move your hips

To pick up some sexy belly dance skills, check out this how-to video. A belly dancing pro gives some basic steps in this alluring dance. This teacher pretty much sums up why this is a dance favorite for many. Watch this video tutorial as she shows you how to move your hips then watch the rest of the links below the video for complete moves and history.

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